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Easy to fill, cover, and label. Ideal to stack in the freezer. Ready to pop in the oven. These aluminum tins and foil board lids are the preferred freezer packaging for your cooking club. Purchase by the case and divide among freezer meal exchange group members.

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Filling the Freezer—Winter Squash Butternut squash is one vegetable that transfers beautifully from the freezer to the table. About the time my local farmer’s market is winding down for the season, I purchase more squash than I can possibly carry in one load. And when I have a little bit of time at home, I load my oven with split, seeded, unpeeled squash and roast. After cooling, it’s easy to scoop the flesh and purée. I later use the puréed squash as a delicious side (season on the fly with maple syrup and cinnamon, or orange zest and ginger), or as the star ingredient in soup or risotto.  Read More >>


Capture a plan for make-ahead entrées that is doable and fun! Without devouring the grocery budget, or ravaging your schedule, you and your lucky friends can plan, prepare, and swap fabulous food items. Prepare? At your utmost convenience. Plan and swap? Now you’re talking fun. Get together to chill, connect, swap, and plan for next time. We'll help you get started!

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